Atherton Set, Craig Ready For Bond

Empire Online has confirmed tabloid rumors from last week that actress Gemma Arterton will star opposite Daniel Craig in the upcoming twenty-second James Bond flick. What’s unknown at present is if she will be the main Bond girl, or a smaller supporting role.

Meanwhile, the first photos from UK pre-production were released in The Daily Star (via CommanderBond.Net), showing off Craig practicing his speedboat skills on a lake in Hampshire. The same lake was used for rehearsals by Pierce Brosnan for the opening River Thames boat chase sequence in the 19th Bond film “The World is Not Enough” in 1999.

The papers also say that Craig let slip that the sequel will not feature any car chases, contradicting earlier reports that Bond will use his Aston Martin to chase down the villain through the ancient Roman aqueducts in Tuscany. Finally they add that reports of Anatole Taubman casting as a henchman were slighlty off, with the role quite a bit bigger than that apparently.