Ivan Sen Promises A Third “Mystery Road”

Australian filmmaker Ivan Sen has announced that his Jay Swan contemporary Aboriginal detective series, beginning with 2013’s “Mystery Road” and this year’s “Goldstone,” has “at least” one more film.

Speaking to Graffiti With Punctuation in an upcoming interview, Sen says that the third and potentially final film in the franchise would: “tackle the whole land rights issue and the closing down of communities in a much grander scale than in the other two films.”

Leading man Aaron Pedersen has previously expressed a desire to explore the potential of bigger lifespan to the series. Sen says:

“It’s something that Aaron is really passionate about and from his end he’s keen to keep exploring. He’s (Jay Swan) such a dynamic vehicle to show the many facets of this country as it relates to the indigenous experience. The police story is always there, you can get into the issues that surround indigenous issues as much as you like with him, because he’s part of the indigenous world and part of the establishment.”

For fans of the series, the good news is that Sen acknowledges the potential of continuing the Jay Swan story:

“I think it’s almost endless, as far as the police story and you can integrate the issues within that police story as much or as little as you want and that can kind of influence how much it affects him as a character because he’s invested in those issues being an indigenous cop.”

“Mystery Road” is currently available to stream on Netflix internationally. “Goldstone” will be available from October 26th on DVD/Blu Ray in Australia ahead of an international release next year.