Assorted News: Fantastic, Rambo, Jericho

“”Fantastic Four” star Chris Evans insists that a third film looks to thankfully not be in the works. He says “I’m pretty sure we won’t do [another] one. I’m assuming that one is a closed book. …It takes up a lot of time. It’s a big commitment. I’m happy with walking away”…” (full details)

Seems that the fifth “Rambo” will be set in the US after all, despite being shot in Bulgaria. A source says “The street sets of Bulgaria that are getting the makeover, the same ones that were rented out and used in Van Damme’s The Shepherd, will be doubling for Rambo’s hometown, which is supposed to somewhere in Arizona”…” (full details)

CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler said on Friday that “Jericho” will not be returning for a third season. “The March 25th episode of Jericho will be the series finale,” said Tassler…” (full details)