Assorted Hellboy Sequel News

Premiere Magazine has done an interesting look at Doug Jones, and in the process scored some great tidbits about the “Hellboy” sequel currently shooting in Budapest.

Jones, who played fishman Abe Sapien in both films, says “The original production in Prague was from start to finish longer but I was on it for a shorter time. That was a three-month commitment for me because my role was smaller: Abe Sapien dipped out — for the last third of the film, you didn’t see him. In this one, he is a major player from start to finish.”

In the follow-up, Hellboy and the BPRD are on a mission to stop the prince of the woodland ghouls, who is hell-bent on retrieving three pieces of a key that will allow him to unlock the might of the Golden Army – a fighting force of invincible metallic soldiers.

To divert a war, Hellboy and his troupe must protect the princess who has the final piece, but things get complicated when Abe falls in love with her.

Jones also plays two other characters – the Chamberlain, and the Angel of Death. Of the later, Jones says “The Angel of Death, especially, has a poignant, amazing, wonderful moment in the movie — when I read the script, I was just like: ‘Damn! I love it!’ And I think you could see [the Angel of Death] pop up again within the franchise somewhere.”