Assorted Dark Knight Scoops

The apparent first review is up for “The Dark Knight” at AICN and the word is excellent. Here’s a taste:

Here’s a quote – “The film feels more like a crime drama in a grand city scape than a typical comic book movie. It feels like Heat except Batman is Al Pacino and The Joker is Robert De Niro and just like in that film we have a great scene between Heath Ledger and Christian Bale across a table. There is also an element of a Greek Tragedy. There is a vast sense of morality at play within the film”.

First screenings for exhibitors, press and the like take place in Europe and the US in the next few days, so some more early reaction may leak online soon after – official reviews will no doubt be embargoed until the week of release.

A great interview with Chris Nolan is up at which talks about the level of CG effects, or rather lack thereof, in the film. Nolan apparently shot as much as possible for real – one notable exception was a jump off a Hong Kong skyscraper which couldn’t be done simply because the Chinese authorities wouldn’t allow it.

There’s also an interesting interview at The Los Angeles Times with composers James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer which briefly reviews the theme Zimmer wrote for the Joker – “It’s an intense eight-minute piece that comes off like an orchestral interpretation of a something created by Trent Reznor’s Nine Inch Nails. Zimmer says the work is only two notes, but the two notes are twisted and manipulated into mimicking the sounds of thunder, razors and all sorts of clatter heard in alleyways probably better left unexplored.”

Official tracking figures aren’t out yet, but has released poll figures saying that 100% of ticket buyers polled were aware of the film’s release this summer, compared with 49% of ticket buyers three weeks before “The Incredible Hulk” and 36% of buyers three weeks before “Iron Man.”

A five-minute clip from the direct-to-DVD title “Batman: Gotham Knight” has gone online, whilst actor Gary Dourdan talks about his work in the project.

Finally the Gotham Tonight site has a video profile of billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne.