Assorted Confirmations And Denials

Renee Zellweger has confirmed that there’s no truth at all to recent rumours of a third “Bridget Jones’ Diary”.

– Producers have confirmed that Naomi Watts is interested in a remake of “The Birds” but things are far from locked.

– Doug Jones pretty much admits that Galactus will make an appearance in the upcoming “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer”.

– Producer Brad Fuller confirms the “Friday the 13th” remake is back on after a long rights battle. It’ll be a Paramount-New Line co-production.

– Fuller also confirms that there will be no more “Texas Chainsaw” sequels for now.

– Warners 2007 HD-DVD line-up has been announced with all the “Harry Potter” and “Matrix” movies getting the high-def treatment.

Luc Besson confirms that he’s writing the sequel to “District B13” right now and would love to do another Transporter film if the script was right.

– Antonio Banderas confirmed on Spanish TV that he may star in the adapation of Amanda Filipacchi’s novel “Vapor”, directed by Neil LaBute.

– British musical genius Fatboy Slim is going to be working with composer Danny Elfman on a soundtrack for a new Disney animated movie later this year.

– Platinum Dunes first non-remake horror film will be called “The Horsemen” and deal with those four apocalyptic figures no doubt.

– Dominic Purcell has confirmed the casting talk linking him to “The Incredible Hulk” was pure speculation and Marvel never approached him.

– The Re-Animator sequel is NOT happening, the project is “asleep” according to star Jeffrey Combs.

– Plans for a third film in “The Ring” series are on hold whilst new story ideas are being planned according to producers.