Askarieh Lands “Just Cause” Film Rights

Producer Adrian Askarieh (“Hitman,” “Kane & Lynch”) has picked up the film rights to one of my favourite video games of recent times – 2006’s “Just Cause” reports Variety.

Set on a Caribbean island, the story follows a CIA black ops assassin code-named Scorpion who is hired to help get rid of the local dictator. Along the way he fends off pirates, mercenaries and other rogue agents.

While the game’s story proved very generic, it has developed a popular following due to the sheer over-the-top free world capabilities which embraced its ridiculousness and allowed for all sorts of physics defying feats from driving jeeps off mountains and base jumping off them, to grappling and stand on military jet moving at full speed.

Askarieh hopes to put the film together for a budget of about $30 million. A sequel to the game is due out next year.