Ask “X-Men” Cast Questions, More Talk

With the “X-Men: First Class” trailer launch having delivered seven million Youtube views to date, the upcoming prequel is becoming a highly talked about event and 20th Century Fox is offering fans a chance to submit questions to cast and filmmakers via Twitter and Facebook.

Fans can submit questions by either tweeting them to @XMenMovies or posting them on the wall of starting from March 1st.

Each week from March 9th right through until opening week, a member of the cast or crew will post answers to approximately ten fan questions to said official X-Men Movies Facebook page.

Meanwhile, actor Michael Fassbender recently sat down with Metro.US and dropped what could be a minor spoiler about his character’s past – events we won’t see on screen it sounds like. Here’s the key quote:

“You will see a little bit of that, yeah, at the beginning but I thought what was interesting was what happened to him after the war – he gets that young gypsy girl out of the concentration camp that he falls in love with. They take off together and have a baby and the mob ends up going crazy and burning down the house and the child dies in the blaze. Magneto goes ape shit and kills everybody. She’s freaked out and leaves him. So by the time we get to him in the movie, he’s a bit of a loner, really.”