As Twilight Breaks, So Does The Bank

As of 12 noon Wednesday in the US, nearly 600 of the Thursday midnight show sessions of tween vampire romance adaptation “Twilight” have sold out and around 2,000 screenings on the first weekend have already been fully sold.

In the eight-year history of online ticket seller Fandango, the film has become the seventh highest ‘advance ticket seller’ in the company’s history. With more early ticket sales than any film since “The Dark Knight”, many have begun to speculate about the opening weekend figure – and of course the drop-off.

With a largely female teenage fanbase, and older women coming in a close second, there’s talk the film could see a pattern of success similar to the “Sex and the City” movie earlier this year which had an enormous opening day, stellar opening weekend, and then plummeted in subsequent weeks but still managed to be one of the biggest earners of the season.

Reviews are officially embargoed til later tonight but already some have slipped through with their opinions. Various notable critics have panned the film, but in almost every case the critics have admitted that for the target audience that sat in on the screenings with them – the film hit its mark.