Arya Trending, Jon Snow Isn’t On Social Media

With a day to go before the fourth season premiere of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” social media is all in a tizzy over the show’s return and its various characters.

A new poll from Listen First & THR has tracked the most tweeted about characters from the show. The results are interesting:

Young Arya Stark easily came out on top with 194,213 tweets – helped no doubt by actress Maisie Williams being a quite popular social media star in her own right.

Coming in second is Joffrey Baratheon with 94,865, Tyrion Lannister with 57,375, and Daenerys Targaryen in both fourth and sixth (as Khaleesi) with 54,809 and 51,299 respectively. Sansa Stark also made the list in seventh with 39,611.

The real surprise though is Hodor, the gentle giant who comes in at number eight with 36,974 tweets. That puts him in front of Jon Snow in ninth with 35,117.