Artist Talks Failed “Batman: Killing Joke” Film

Concept artist Phil Bourassa has revealed via his Instagram account that an animated adaptation of Alan Moore and Brian Bollan’s iconic graphic novel “Batman: The Killing Joke” was being developed back in 2009 by Warner Brothers.

Legendary animation artist and “Batman: The Animated Series” producer Bruce Timm was developing the project and supervising Bourassa’s work on the project. Whiether Timm, who directed the much acclaimed “Batman: Mask of the Phantasm” as well as iconic animated Batman episodes like “Heart of Ice,” was going to helm isn’t clear.

Why did the project collapse? The failure of the R-rated “Watchmen” at Warners put the fear in the studio over R-rated superhero movies. Cut to seven years later and “Deadpool” is at the top of the box-office while Timm’s protege Sam Liu is slated to helm an upcoming DCAU direct-to-disc & VOD adaptation of “The Killing Joke” which is currently on the way.