Arrow Set Photos Drop A Big Spoiler

A bunch of set photos from the final few episodes of this season of The CW’s “Arrow” have popped up at Punkd Images and reveal a major spoiler about the unexpected appearance of another villain from the DC Universe.


The shot showcases ‘Ravager’. The character in the comics is Deathstroke’s daughter Rose Wilson, a character not introduced yet on “Arrow”. However someone else is under the mask in these photos, someone fans of the show will be more familiar with.

Yep, it’s Summer Glau who plays Queen Consolidated’s CEO Isabel Rochev. The character revealed her allegiances in this week’s episode, but this indicates she gets her own villain garb before the season closes out. The character previously revealed she was adopted, could she be a daughter (or considering the age difference a considerably younger sister or niece) to Slade?

We’ll find out when the last four episodes kick off on April 16th.

Source: Punkd Images (used with permission)