“Arrow” Reverting To Early Season Template

Arrow Reverting To Early Season Template

Though it launched the current DC universe of series on The CW, “Arrow” has often been labelled as not what it used to be. The show’s first two seasons were very well received, but the third and fourth seasons notably took a quality dive and obvious attempts to right the ship in the fifth and sixth season were met with mixed results – some things got better, some got even worse.

The upcoming seventh season, however, sees the show scoring a new showrunner in the form of Beth Schwartz who takes creative control of the drama. According to actor Colton Haynes, Schwartz is planning plenty of changes to try and match the feel of the show’s earlier days. He tells ComicBook.com:

“I can’t say much, but we’re returning back to our roots on the show. Not the characters, but the show – we’re going back to how we were a couple of seasons ago. But it’s going to just be so good. Beth Schwartz, our new showrunner, is just – she’s a dream. She’s changing everything and she’s making everything the way I think the show was at the beginning.”

The recent seventh season trailer, which premiered at Comic-Con, showed off a return to the darker and more serious tone of the show’s earlier days along with the addition of an Oliver in prison storyline that holds promise. The new season premieres in October.