Arrow Producers Talk Next Month’s Return

Following last night’s episode “Nanda Parbat” which saw the second time that Oliver Queen and Ra’s Al Ghul came face to face, The CW’s “Arrow” goes on a break for a few weeks ahead of its final run of season three episodes starting March 18th.


In an interview with Collider, executive producers Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim have spoken about the fall-out from the events of the episode and what comes after. It seems the next episode will pick up directly from the end of this week – with Ra’s offering Oliver the chance to become the new Demon’s Head.

Kreisberg says: “The next episode is actually called ‘The Offer,’ and what Oliver’s reaction to Ra’s offer is, what Nyssa’s reaction to it is, and what everyone’s reaction to it is, makes up the bulk of the next run of episodes, as far as what his answer is and what that prompts all of the other characters to do.”

Nyssa in particular is not happy. Though heir to the demon, having her birthright handed to Oliver gets her upset and it might tie back in to her relationship with Sara. Guggenheim says: “There is a scene in Episode 16 between Nyssa and Ra’s that definitely addresses that. From Nyssa’s perspective, it has everything to do with Sara. From Ra’s perspective, maybe or maybe not.”

Asked if Talia al Ghul will show up, Kreisberg says: “We haven’t made any firm decisions about whether Talia exists in our continuity. We are so happy with Katrina [Law] and Nyssa. If we ever think of a reason to have a Talia, in whatever incarnation we decide to do, it would be in service of furthering Nyssa’s story.”

Will Oliver’s morals prevent him from taking on Ra’s mantle? Guggenheim says: “Ra’s has an interesting perspective on that question, which you’ll get in the first act of Episode 316. One of the things that we reveal in 320 is where the name League of Assassins came from, and what it means to be an ‘assassin.’ If you’re a historian, you’ll know that it has a different meaning than just what it’s become, in the modern day.”

The CW have also released the promotional trailer for the sixteenth episode which you can see below: