Arrow Producers On New Ra’s Al Ghul, Rogues

“Arrow” and “The Flash” executive producer Greg Berlanti has spoken about the casting of key villains who will serve as recurring season long bad guys in the shows.

First up, he spoke about the casting of “Riddick” star Matt Nable as Ra’s al Ghul in the third season of “Arrow”. Berlanti tells CBR that the reason they went with Nable was all about how he played the role during testing:

“Performance, performance, performance. You know, I think we have a great history that we enjoy with the show, and when you have a character like that, the character is the name [value].

We just look for who feels the best for what we imagine in our head, and we knew we wanted someone who felt very different than [Season 2 villan] Slade Wilson felt, because that was sort of a two-year build up. We had a whole different kind of vibe that we wanted, and Matt Nable is that. I can’t wait for people to see him do it.”

He added that he had heard about Liam Neeson’s recent comments about potentially returning to the role, and says: “I heard it! You know, I think he’s very gracious to make that comment, but we were really blessed to find our Ra’s al Ghul.”

He also spoke about “The Flash” and how the first season will feature a number of DC Comics villains who come together as the evil team of ‘The Rogues’ in the comics. Will we be seeing said team in action?

“The thing I can say story-wise about it is, you know, they’re not the Rogues as we know them, any more than Barry’s yet the Flash as we know the Flash. You know, there’s always an evolution, so we’ll be evolving their characters. And they’re the first, in a lot of ways, villains outside of the Flash, outside of our main characters, where we really break away and get into their lives and that kind of thing. And Wentworth [Miller] is brilliant in the role [of Captain Cold]. I can’t wait for people to see his delivery and who he is. I really think he has the essence of that guy.”