Arrow Producer Talks Flash, First Clip

Tomorrow night sees The CW’s “Arrow” unveil their take on Barry Allen, the man who will become The Flash in his own pilot set to debut next year. Former “Glee” star Grant Gustin plays the role in this two-part mid-season finale and the proposed new spin-off series.

Executive producer Greg Berlanti says: “The thing that was important to us was that he really should be a contrast to Oliver and to Stephen. Stephen is the traditional square-jawed, muscle-bound hero. That works really well, because he needs all that. One of the things about Flash is he’s a random guy who gets struck by lightning. He needs the bolt of lightning to be a hero in a way Stephen doesn’t.”

Despite the character only appearing in these two episodes this season, Berlanti says you’ll still hear about the character and “about what happened to him in the way that you’re hearing now about Star Labs on the periphery.”

Source: THR