Arrow, “Flash” To Setup “DC’s Legends”

We already know that the third of The CW’s superhero series will be the upcoming “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” an ensemble piece featuring fan favorite characters from both “Arrow” and “The Flash” along with some new ones.

At the Comic Con panel for the show, it has been confirmed that the first halves of the new seasons of both “Arrow” and “The Flash” will explicitly set-up elements of ‘Legends’. Specifically they will deal with the returns of both Ray Palmer’s full-sized Atom and the resurrection of Caity Lotz’s Sarah Lance/White Canary.

Lotz says the return of Sarah Lance via the Lazarus Pit means: “I want her to go nuts, off the rocker, that’s my plan.” She’ll also be the most dangerous member of the team since she has no fear of death.

It also sounds like we’ll also be properly introduced to Hawkgirl (Ciara Renee) and Hawkman – the latter hasn’t been previously announced. Victor Garber’s Martin Stein will basically become the mediator of the dysfunctional family of ‘Legends’ though is not always successful.

The aim of the show is explore and realize the ideas considered “too crazy” for either “Arrow” or “The Flash” including alternate timelines, resurrection, and reincarnation.

Back to the mother shows and the eighth episode of “The Flash” followed by the eighth of “Arrow” for this year will be another full crossover two-hander. Both are expected to air in December. There’ll also be more mini-crossovers where one or two characters pop up on their sister show throughout the season.

Source: Cinema Blend