Arrow & “Flash” Crossover Episodes Coming

The second season of “Arrow” saw several characters from the upcoming “The Flash” spin-off series guest starring, most notably Grant Gustin who made his debut as Barry Allen on the show. “The Flash” pilot also includes a cameo by Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) in his Arrow garb.

Now, producer Greg Berlanti tells TV Guide that he hopes to have crossovers between both shows as soon as possible: “That’s our hope. Our hope is to get some crossovers going sooner rather than later with all the shows.”

The producers have toyed with the idea of Felicity Smoak and Barry dating between both of the shows: “We have all sorts of romantic possibilities for both of them on both shows. Hopefully the first time Felicity comes to town, we’ll deal with all that stuff.”

In other “Arrow” news, it has been confirmed that Caity Lotz is set to return as Sara Lance/Black Canary in the Season 3 premiere. The character appeared to depart at the end of last season, and it’s not known at present how many episodes she’ll be back for next season.