Arrow Casts Cupid, Gets S3 Prequel Comic

Amy Gumenick (“Supernatural,” “Turn”) is set to play Carrie Cutter, a.k.a. Cupid, on the upcoming third season of The CW’s “Arrow” reports EW

The character will make her debut in the sixth and seventh episodes and may be brought back later in the season. The character, created in the comic books by executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, is a former special ops soldier driven to insanity who has an obsessive crush on our hero.

Kreisberg says: “I always loved the idea of Green Arrow having a crazed fan. When I was writing the comic book, my big goal was to create a villain who would last. Cupid has since appeared in the DC Nation shorts on Cartoon Network, and to have her fight our TV Arrow is so much more than I ever could have hoped for the character.”

Meanwhile next week sees the release of “Arrow: Season 2.5,” a digital comic written by executive producer Marc Guggenheim and series writer Keto Shimizu. The comic is set during the five month gap between the second and third seasons of the series.

Guggenheim says: “Season 3 is designed to stand on its own feet without requiring anyone to do any outside reading, but what the comic book will give is a deeper appreciation for some of the moments [in the show], and a more complete narrative experience. If you want to go deeper into the story, that’s what Season 2.5 is for.”

The comic will answer some questions such as what happened to Detective Lance after his collapse, how Roy gets his Arsenal uniform, and how the new Count Vertigo developed.

The new season premieres Wednesday, October 8th at 8pm on The CW.

Source: The Live Feed