Arrow Arsenal Costume Photo, Season 3 Info

The first photo has been released of Colton Haynes’ Roy Harper character in his full Arsenal costume for the upcoming third season of The CW’s “Arrow”. Roy and his new costume become the new partner of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) in the third season premiere which airs on October 8th at 8pm.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has also spoken at length about the new season and revealed all sorts of new information to EW. First up, they have Caity Lotz booked to return as Sara Lance/Black Canary for AT LEAST three episodes this season – they’re hoping for more. Kreisberg couldn’t confirm if Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law) would be back, but hints that she will.

After being name dropped several times and having his daughter show up, many have wondered if League of Shadows founder and Batman villain Ra’s al Ghul will be making an appearance this season. Kreisberg wouldn’t confirm or deny:

“You know us — we’re never one to do the logical thing! You know, I can’t comment on that — I can neither confirm nor deny. But rest assured, we have a lot of amazing stuff set up, mythology-wise, this year that will really feel like an extension of everything we’ve done before.”

Season Three kicks off half a year after the second season finale and things are good – Slade’s gone, crime is down, even the anti-vigilante task force has been disbanded. That ties into the teem of the season which is identity. Oliver finds it easier to be Arrow than Oliver Queen at this time as he not only has to have a life but also get his company back. Brandon Routh’s Ray Palmer comes in to shake up the dynamic as well:

“I think, in the great tradition of shows when they hit Season 3, we’re bringing on a game-changing character, somebody who’s brought on specifically to shake up all the characters, and we are overjoyed and beyond thrilled that Brandon is willing to come on… One of the things we really wanted to inject more into the show was humor. What’s funny about Oliver and Felicity is that he’s the straight man. She sort of gets all the funny lines.

What’s great about having Brandon on the show is Brandon’s an old-time movie star. He’s like Jimmy Stewart. He can play that rat-tat-tat, Preston Sturges, you know, His Girl Friday Friday with Felicity. It just brings a whole other energy to the show.

It’s similar for us when we brought on Grant [Gustin]. Like, we already had a Stephen Amell. So when we were casting the Flash, we wanted somebody who looked different and felt different and had a different energy. In a way, Brandon almost combines Grant and Stephen. He’s obviously got the superhero looks and superhero physique, but he has the fun and funny and charm that Grant brings to Barry. Just from what I’ve seen so far in the dailies, we are so grateful that he’s taken another step back into the DC Universe.”

Devon Aoki is also onboard as Katana, a character the producers have been planning for over a long time. The flashbacks in Hong Kong will start to show us how the still hopeful Oliver in the flashbacks becomes the darker and more serious version we saw in the pilot:

“There’s still some hope in humanity in Oliver, and I think the guy who comes back in the pilot is a pretty dark, tortured character. This is really the year where, as terrible as things have been up until this point with flashbacks, this is really where we’re taking a big step into the darkness.”

Over at The Live Feed, fellow executive producer Marc Guggenheim says Laurel and Thea have “the strongest story lines that we’ve ever given them” this season. Thea in particular will go through her equivalent of Oliver’s island and “how that plays out and which side she lands will be the fun of the season”.

Finally, Olicity fans will cheer in that Oliver and Felicity attempt to go on a date in the upcoming third season premiere, and there’s plans to further evolve the Oliver and Felicity dynamic.