Arrested Development Season 4 Extended

Netflix has yet to officially make a decision on the number, but it turns out “Arrested Development” creator and show runner Mitch Hurwitz has enough material to create more episodes than originally planned for the upcoming fourth season.

A recent interview with David Cross for Rolling Stone was the first indication that the ten-episode plan with Netflix simply wasn’t going to be enough.

“I think it’s going to be 13 episodes, not 10. There’s too much story. Some characters will have two-parters. Everybody sort of participates, sometimes in a bigger way and sometimes in a tiny little thread that goes through everybody else’s stories” said Cross.

Now, Hurwitz has confirmed to Deadline that a break in production is now planned so he can review the footage already shot and decide what new scripts need to be generated. Filming will then resume around the busy cast’s schedules in late January.

As for the final episode count, it’s expected to be anywhere from 12-15 episodes. All are expected to be made available simultaneously sometime in the Spring.