Arrested Development S4 Gets Recut

The fate of “Arrested Development” is still in the air. After being resurrected by Netflix for a fourth season over a year ago, those involved want to do both a film and another season but have not been able to. This is mostly due to conflicting schedules.

In fact, it was scheduling issues which lead to the show’s fourth season of character-centric episodes told out of order rather than full ensemble episodes in the right order. The result was a season that scored much criticism from fans for not feeling like the show of old.

As series creator Mitch Hurwitz waits on movement on a fifth season of the show, he’s been up to something else lately – recutting the fourth season so as to air in chronological order. He tells Pretentious Film Majors (via Slashfilm: “Right now, I’m cutting a version of season 4 that tells it kind of chronologically and that’s like a whole different era.”

No word on when that chronologically correct version will be available. Hurwitz says it’s up to Fox as to when a fifth season goes forward: “There’s more of the story that has to be told somehow and we’ve got the rest of the story broken. Season 4 was always meant to be act one of a three act structure, where everything goes sour at the end of it.”

The film would serve as the second act and the fifth season as the third going by Hurwitz’s previous comments.