Aronofsky’s “Noah” – Religion Meets Sex

He’s been working on the script for six years, now Darren Aronofosky (“Black Swan,” “Requiem for a Dream”) tells Movieweb that his planned film adaptation of the Biblical story of Noah will be a full adaptation and won’t be sanitised for the young-uns.

“[He was the] first environmentalist. [The] first person to plant vineyards, drink wine and get drunk. I was stunned going back and realizing how dirty some of those stories are. They’re not PG in any way. They’re all about sleeping with your brother’s sister who gives you a child who you don’t know. That kind of stuff got censored out of our religious upbringing” he says.

A graphic novel version of Aronofsky’s script is set to be published as a four-part mini-series in 2012 in the hopes of convincing a studio to produce the film. Aronofsky is currently in preparations on his next project “The Wolverine”.