Aronofsky Builds Noah A Boat

It was previously reported that Darren Aronofsky was planning a biblical follow-up to last year’s “The Fountain,” and now its been revealed that the flick in question will revolve around the story of Noah and the Ark.

Aronofsky tells British paper The Guardian that “Noah was the first person to plant vineyards and drink wine and get drunk. It’s there in the Bible – it was one of the first things he did when he reached land. There was some real survivor’s guilt going on there. He’s a dark, complicated character.”

Aronofsky’s plans for the film reach back to before his debut feature “Pi,” back when he was a young teenager who won a United Nations poetry competition. His entry was about the end of the world as seen through Noah’s eyes.

Aronofsky first dabbled with the Noah story in screenplay form after Brad Pitt left “The Fountain.” Now, the biblical epic is several drafts along.