Aronofsky Briefly Talks His Old “Batman” Film

Before Christopher Nolan got involved with the Batman franchise, Warner Bros. Pictures was mulling what to do with its valuable franchise which was left adrift after the critical and commercial failure of “Batman and Robin”.

At the time a young and rising filmmaker named Darren Aronofsky was coming onto the scene and his name became attached to a film adaptation of the iconic Frank Miller comic “Batman: Year One”. After penning several scripts with Miller, the project never moved forward and Warners re-thought their strategy.

The result was Nolan’s “Batman Begins” in 2005 which used elements of ‘Year One’ but crafted its own origin story tale. In a recent interview with the Empire podcast, Aronofsky has briefly talked about his flirtation with the Dark Knight and how his version differed from Nolan:

“I love superhero films. I got really close on a few of them, but it just hasn’t worked out. I think Nolan’s version is exactly what the studio wanted. I think I was much more of a gritty feel is what we were going for. Eventually I got to make ‘The Fountain,’ that was the film I really wanted to make. I just chose to pursue that.”

Filmmaker Matt Reeves is currently developing his own “The Batman” film series which is expected to be the next big screen iteration of the character.