Arnie Suggests “Terminator 6” Still A Go?

Last year’s “Terminator Genisys” aimed to be the re-launch of a long-proven franchise, instead it proved to be the death knell of it. A critical and domestic commercial failure, plans for further installments and an additional TV series were seemingly scrapped there and then.

However, like the T-800, there’s still some red flickering embers of life left in its body. In a recent interview with Weekend Today (via The Telegraph, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger suggested a sixth film in the series could still be in the works, responding to a question about appearing in another “Terminator” film with: “I am looking forward to it, absolutely”.

Whether we’ll see it remains in question. Paramount originally had a May 19th 2017 release for a “Terminator 6” planned, that seems highly unlikely now and the issue of the rights to the franchise and how long Paramount has the option will impact any further instalments.