Arnie Not A Fan Of “Predator” Sequels

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently participated in a Reddit Q&A interview and briefly discussed one of his most iconic works, 1987’s “Predator,” along with the franchise reboot that Shane Black is developing.

Asked whether he would participate in the reboot, Schwarzenegger said the original was one of his ‘absolute favorite’ films to make. He’s not yet attached to Black’s film but understandably hasn’t been a fan of the follow-ups that have popped up since the original:

“The sad story is that sometimes studios do a great job with creating sequels, and sometimes they really screw it up bad, and it all has to do with greed. They sometimes want to do it really cheap and make as much money as possible, so they don’t hire the right cast or the right director. … It’s stupid moves to make. So far, no Predator, no matter which one they did after the first one has come out, has been satisfactory to the audience.”

The full interview can be found here.