Armie Hammer Doesn’t Want To Be Batman?

He was once signed on to play Batman, even going so far as the costuming stage before that failed “Justice League” project fell apart.

Now, “The Lone Ranger” actor Armie Hammer is distancing himself from any further superhero projects – including the upcoming “Superman/Batman” movie in 2015.

He tells Metro: “I’m not actually a big fan of superhero films. If you have a guy who is supposed to be invulnerable, then what’s the point?”

Hammer next stars with Henry Cavill in “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” adaptation and adds that he probably won’t re-team with Cavill so soon: “I think if Henry and I did that film [UNCLE] and then a superhero film [Batman vs. Superman] straight after, people might start to wonder about us.”