Arkham Origins Team Plan “Superman” Game

Warner Bros. Montreal, the company behind “Batman: Arkham Origins” and the recently released Batgirl DLC for the “Batman: Arkham Knight” game, are said to be exploring the idea of a “Superman” video game.

Leaks began a few weeks ago and ranged from character bios to concept art, along with job listings for a new IP franchise in development at the game studio.

This weekend though, Attack of the Fanboy reports that their latest evidence is a listing by a freelance animator that suggests he was involved in the repair of the 3D facial rig for an upcoming “Superman” game for GameOn Audio. The latter do motion capture work for studios (incl. WB Games Montreal) on games including titles like ‘Arkham Origins’ along with “Halo 4” and several “Assassin’s Creed” titles.

It’s still not concrete information, but with Rocksteady ending the ‘Batman: Arkham’ franchise – this seems like a reasonable jump.