“Arkham” Game Developers Tease New Title

Arkham Game Developers Tease New Title

Since the release of “Batman: Arkham Knight” back in 2015, it has been known that Rocksteady Studios has been working on their next game, but no-one has been quite sure what it is.

At the same time Warner Bros. Games Montreal, the developer behind the 2013 prequel title “Batman: Arkham Origins,” has also been quiet for around four years and is believed to be working on a new “Batman: Arkham” title.

Over the weekend, the latter company sent out a cryptic 21-second teaser in celebration of Batman’s 80th anniversary. The clip shows the Bat signal and then overlays that with four different symbols that briefly pop up, two of which suggest Batman villains Ra’s al Ghul and The Court of Owls.

The clip comes ahead of a new installment of Sony PlayStation’s State of Play live stream this week which will include new game reveals. Could we be seeing a fifth ‘Arkham’ title reveal shortly? If so, it also has raised even more speculation as to what Rocksteady has been working on if WB Games Montreal has been handling the next ‘Arkham’ title.

Source: CBM