Argo Ending Altered To Appease Canadians

It has emerged from the early Fall film festival scene as one of the award season’s biggest contenders, now Ben Affleck’s “Argo” is undergoing one last tweak before it is presented to the public reports The Toronto Star.

The change comes after Ken Taylor, Canada’s former ambassador to Iran and a character in the film played by Victor Garber, was upset by the downplaying of Canada’s involvement in the mission as their participation was crucial. “In reality, Canada was responsible for the six and the CIA was a junior partner. But I realize this is a movie and you have to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Ben was very gracious and we got along really well. There are a few points I want to address. Now Ben and I both feel free to talk about them” says Taylor.

As a result, a postscript line at the end of the movie has been altered. Originally it made a snarky remark suggesting the CIA did all the work and the Canadians took all the credit, especially Taylor. Now it says the more straightforward “The involvement of the CIA complemented efforts of the Canadian embassy to free the six held in Tehran. To this day the story stands as an enduring model of international co-operation between governments.”

Proving there’s no hard feelings, Taylor and his wife have even taped a commentary for next year’s disc release of the film, and will be on hand for the film’s big premiere in Washington D.C.