“Are You Afraid of the Dark” Hasn’t Shot Yet

Are You Afraid Of The Dark Hasnt Shot Yet

“IT” and “The Nun” writer Gary Dauberman has revealed he is no longer attached as writer and producer on the film adaptation of Nickelodeon’s iconic 1990s Canadian kids horror anthology series “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” at Paramount Pictures.

Last year it was reported that “Disturbia” director D.J. Caruso was in talks to helm the film which was aiming for an October release until it was yanked from the schedule altogether.

Now, Dauberman has surprisingly revealed the film hasn’t even begun filming yet, telling Slashfilm:

“No, that actually hasn’t shot yet. That’s one of those things I’m no longer a part of. I just had a different vision to make it and thought it best to part ways. It’s unfortunate but as you said, that’s sometimes how it goes.”

It’s unclear whether Caruso is still attached to the project. The series featured a group of teenagers who called themselves The Midnight Society and would gather around a campfire at the beginning of each episode to tell a scary story.