Archer’s Aisha Tyler To Direct “Vigilante”

Archers Aisha Tyler To Direct Vigilante

Comedian, host and “Archer” actress Aisha Tyler has been set to direct the #MeToo-themed thriller “Vigilante”.

The socially charged feature follows the journey of a young woman who, after suffering a brutal attack, channels her anger and grief into protecting others.

The film shines a light on shining a spotlight on a cross-section of survivors whose voices have been dulled by societal complacency and indifference.

Irwin Winkler and Jose Ruisanchez penned the script and Winkler (“Creed,” “The Right Stuff,” “Goodfellas”) will produce. Tyler previously directed episodes of “Criminal Minds” and made her feature directorial debut on the indie psychological thriller “AXIS”.

Source: Deadline