“Archer,” “The Boys” Both Score Renewals

Archer The Boys Both Score Renewals

While it was previously teased the current tenth season dubbed “Archer: 1999” could be its last, FXX has now officially picked up “Archer” for an eleventh season. The announcement was made Friday at San Diego Comic-Con.

EW confirms that Sterling Archer is going to wake from his three-year coma in the upcoming finale with the show set to return to its spy agency roots next season and a tone hoping to get back to that of the show’s second and third seasons (basically its heyday).

However, the story will also explore what happens as Archer wakes up to a world that has had to move on without him. Roles and personalities have changed, Archer is physically and mentally not what he was and all his muscles have atrophied to the point that he’s now using a cane. Lana is married and he’s an afterthought to pretty much everyone except Pam.

Asked if the show could continue on past the eleventh season, executive producer Matt Thompson says: “It’s not our call, but the series feels re-energized by the stories Casey and I and Adam are floating around. It feels brand-new again to me. And if that feeling stays and we see a way to make season 12 and continue that interest, I don’t see why not. I know all the cast is signed and extremely happy to be here.”

Meanwhile, ahead of the series premiere next week, Amazon has handed out an early second season renewal order for its darkly comic superhero series “The Boys”. The streaming network made the announcement on Friday as part of its panel for the show at San Diego Comic-Con. In addition, they also confirmed Aya Cash (“You’re The Worst”) will join the second season as Stormfront. Check out a new TV spot for the series, premiering July 26th, below: