“Archer” S9 Heads To “Danger Island”

They were drug runners in the fifth season, private Hollywood investigators in the seventh, and caught up in a 1947 noir tale in the eighth.

Now details on the ninth season of FX’s “Archer” have arrived with the theme this year dubbed ‘Danger Island’. The theme was announced by executive producer Matt Thompson during the show’s panel at San Diego Comic Con.

Much of the action takes place in the spring of 1939 on a remote beach locale in the South Pacific. Archer will be a seaplane pilot with one eyepatch and two partners – co-pilot Pam Poovy, and a “talking, f–king parrot named Crackers” (Lucky Yates, who voices Dr. Krieger, will play that role).

Lana is a princess on the island, Mallory is a bar owner who is once again Archer’s mother, Cheryl is honeymooning on the island, Cyril is British spy Cypert Fuchs posing as a local.

The previous season, ‘Dreamland,’ got dark fast. Thompson said the plan is to change things up and bring back the fun even as it remains set in an alternate reality like last season:

“Last season, we loved it, but things got pretty dark, pretty fast. Adam Reed has been talking about doing something fun and just having a blast [this season]. There will be quicksand, cannibals, and super intelligent monkeys.”

“Archer: Danger Island” is expected to premiere in early 2018.