Archer Ratings, Creator Talks Change

The fifth season of FX’s “Archer” premiered last night to not only a reboot of its central premise, but its best premiere ratings so far.

The first episode scored its best result for a season opener with 1.65 million viewers, 1.3 million of which were adults 18-49.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association presentation earlier today, executive producer Matt Thompson says: “I have no idea if it’s Netflix or promotion by FX, but it’s really nice to have people like what you do. Adam and I have been doing this for a while, and nobody has really liked us before.”

The real surprise though is the shift in the show’s creative dynamic this season. With ISIS shut down and the staff now banding together to form their own drug cartel, the show shifts tone from 60s/70s-era Bond inspired espionage to 1980s “Miami Vice”/”Scarface” style drug trafficking. Even so, it’s the same show with the same characters and the same dark workplace comedy.

Creator Adam Reed says: “At its heart, it’s a show about bickering roommates. That doesn’t change. But instead of spies, they are now drug-dealers. We decided they no longer live in the houses they’ve been living in, they’ve no longer working in the same building, it’s all new.”

As a result of the setting change, the series requires a lot of new animation and a chucking out of most of their earlier backdrops such as the ISIS offices and Archer’s apartment.

Other story lines this season will include Archer wanting a pet tiger, Pam developing an addiction to eating and baking with cocaine, Lana’s pregnancy and Cheryl’s new career as a country singer.

The already teased “Top Gun”-themed “Danger Zone” episode is scheduled to air on February 17th, the same day that a new 12-track “Archer” album hits. One of the songs on it is a cover of “Danger Zone” sung by Kenny Loggins and Judy Greer’s Cheryl Tunt character. The video for that song premieres that night.

Source: The Live Feed