“Archer” Producers Talk Space-Set New Season

Archer Producers Talk Space Set New Season

“Archer” has been going the themed anthology route in recent seasons and the upcoming tenth and seemingly final season will do it again with the space-set “Archer: 1999”.

FXX brought the voice cast and executive producers of the series to WonderCon last weekend and series executive producers Matt Thompson and Casey Willis sat down with Slashfilm to discuss their plans.

The pair make it clear this will NOT be like the third season two-part finale which saw Archer and the gang going into space for a secret mission. Thompson says:

“[In season three] it almost looked like the space shuttle. It was tech that is around right now. This is warp drives and space monsters and things that are very fanciful as opposed to a space station and it felt real. This is much harder sci-fi. There are different planets and different societies and aliens that appear monstrous.”

The season will take a lot of influences from all over the shop – the former spy agency members are going to be a Firefly-type rebel crew trying to make money and survive on their own and are getting really tired of it.

Design wise they’re going very much for the “Alien” universe idea of a 1970s vision of the future before moving into a more glossy “Star Trek: The Next Generation” look with Thompson saying:

“The first thing that people will notice is as we fade up in the first episode, we really see the original Alien a lot in just the tech of the ship. We feel that original distress beacon going off. Then from there, it takes off more into an almost like Next Generation or Battlestar Galactica references. That original Alien almost felt a little low tech. Everything had its industrial feel to it so we get a little bit more into the glossier sci-fi tech as it goes on.”

Fan favorite gay hitmen characters Charles and Rudy are back, but in very different form. Other guest stars this season include Sam Richardson as a little green starfish alien, Jillian Bell as a rival captain, and Matt Berry as a Q-esque solar system shattering bomb droid Mr. Deadly.

The new season is slated to premiere sometime this month, but a specific date isn’t yet set.