Archer Goes 1920’s P.I. For Next Season


In the wake of the seventh season finale of FX’s “Archer,” there’s a big question as to where in the hell the comedy can go next considering that finale has left Sterling Archer seemingly shot to death.

Talking about the show at a Comic-Con panel on Friday afternoon, the producers & cast wasted no time in explaining the big idea for the eighth season of the series – “Dreamland”.

It seems Archer didn’t die but is rather in a coma for the three months following his shooting. Within his mind, Archer is a 1920s-era private investigator who begins trying to solve the mystery of who killed his partner Woodhouse.

The other characters play new roles in this world with Lana as an elegant singer, Krieger as a bartender, Cyril and Pam as detectives with Pam living as a man, and Mallory who gets a “very meaty role this year” and now goes only by the name ‘M’.

Executive producer Matt Thompson says: “All the characters have changed, but they haven’t changed. It’s really exciting to see Archer walk in and meet Lana for the first time.”

The new season kicks off in January.

Source: Deadline