Arad Onboard “Metal Gear Solid” Movie

Avi Arad is coming onboard as producer on Kojima Productions and Sony Pictures’ planned film adaptation of the “Metal Gear Solid” video game franchise reports Game Informer.

The first in the series of stealth-based games, which began back in 1998, the story follows an attempt to take back a secret military base from genetically enhanced soldiers who have hostages in tow and a dangerous next-generation nuclear weapon.

Sony has been developing the film adaptation for since at least 2006, but the attachment of the Marvel Studios founder and “Spider-Man” film franchise producer gives the project a new impetus.

“For many years I fought to bring comics to theaters – and video games are the comics of today. We will take our time and tell the story with all the nuances, ideology, cautionary tales needed” said Arad during yesterday’s Metal Gear 25th Anniversary presentation.