Aquaman Producer Talks Status, Wan Hiring

Currently working on “The Conjuring” sequel, filmmaker James Wan is also prepping for his entry into a different onscreen universe – that of the DC Extended Universe with the solo “Aquaman” film at Warner Bros. Pictures.

Producer Charles Roven is involved in pretty much all the DC Comics properties that Warners is adapting for the big screen and recently spoke with Collider about how the film is progressing. Roven says the screenplay is still in its nascent stages:

“We’re very early days. We’re just starting with the screenplay. He’s making ‘The Conjuring 2’ now, so he’s had his hand in the creation of let’s just call it a working document from which to write. But he’s directing that film [and] he’s got his hand ever so slightly in the development, but he’s really gonna throw himself into it after he finishes shooting Conjuring 2. And we’re planning on it being his film after Conjuring 2. He is a serious Aquaman fan.”

The film isnt due out until well into 2018 giving Wan a good deal of time to prepare and shoot the film. Roven was a part of the decision to choose Wan for the gig, and he explains why they brought the “Saw” and “Furious 7” helmer along for the ride – namely that he’s not just efficient but creative as well:

“That’s a perfect example – him and [David] Ayer, and Patty [Jenkins], they’re perfect examples of what I’m talking about, to bring people in. Fertile creative minds who can say, ‘Okay, we get the road map, now let’s talk about doing this or doing that.’ It’s fun to have that flexibility and yet commonality.”

The “Aquaman” film is currently slated for a July 27th 2018 release with star Jason Momoa making his first appearance in character in Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” next year.