“Aquaman” Film Won’t Use Giant Air Bubbles

Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” seemingly cleared up one mystery about next year’s solo “Aquaman” film – namely how the characters would interact.

With “Aquaman” taking place primarily under the sea, the obvious question is how the characters will talk to each other without air – telepathically, some kind of sonar, or just ignore physics and have them talking underwater like they would in air?

‘League’ seemingly offered one solution – one in which Amber Heard’s Mera generates a giant bubble of air in which she and Aquaman have a conversation whilst he is visiting Atlantis. “Aquaman” director James Wan however has confirmed that there will be “no air bubbles for dialogue” in his film.

Wan gave the comment on Twitter in response to a THR piece discussing how “Justice League” paves the way for the Aquaman film. He would not however elaborate on how his characters handle communication and we probably won’t know until the first footage arrives sometime next year.

The comment comes as “Justice League” cinematographer Fabian Wagner has thrown his support behind a fan outcry for a longer cut of the film to become available. He tells Heat Vision:

“What I love about his [Snyder’s] director’s cuts is they are long, but he takes his time to tell the story. I’ve never watched any of his directors cut and thought ‘This is long.” Whether they are three hours long, or three hours and ten minutes, they always seemed to go quick.”

Also today, new posters for “Justice League” have been released which includes Henry Cavill’s Superman alongside his fellow cast members.