Aquaman Darker Than “Dawn of Justice”?

The past few days has seen some chatter about James Wan’s involvement in the DCEU “Aquaman” film – a rumor suggesting he was considering dropping out effectively over creative differences and was responded to by Wan himself who seemed to indicate that he was still very much onboard.

In a new interview with Empire Online, Wan spoke about his early plans for where he intends to go with this comic book adaptation. He hinted that things might go darker and more inline with his previous work – crowd-pleasing and yet still twisted: “Look at the sensibility of my movies, from Furious 7 to the horror films. You can extract the kind of movie I might make of Aquaman.”

Wan previously said that even his darkest horror films “are still very fun” and that’s important for him and the kinds of films he makes. The film is currently targeting a 2018 release and will likely kick off production very early next year.