“Aquaman” Crew Prep For Underwater Stunts

Jason Momoa’s solo “Aquaman” film is well into pre-production ahead of a shoot early next year in Australia with Amber Heard also onboard as the love interest Mera and Patrick Wilson as the villain Ocean Master.

Director James Wan hasn’t begun shooting yet, but the Australian stunt team on the production appeared in a local news segment this week and confirmed they are about to get to work on it. Stunt director Keir Beck tells 9News that though he couldn’t get into specifics, he did say his guys are trained “general stunt skills, fighting, if there [are] water sequences obviously being capable and competent in water.”

The segment, which can be seen at the link, has B-roll from the “Thor: Ragnarok” and “Kong: Skull Island” shoots and shows the team simulating a military scenario for another movie whose title could not be revealed but will also be shot next year around the same area and will see Beck making his directing debut on the project.