Apted & Boyle Fed Up With Sequels

They’re two of the most acclaimed British directors working right now, ready to take on most challenges.

So what wouldn’t they do? Both spoke out on that today to Teletext UK with surprising candor about their future.

Apted says he does not believe the third film in the “Goal” football film series will ever get made, despite him being linked to it, mostly due to the failure of the film’s in the US.

“The second one was such a disaster in the US. Now Beckham has signed for LA Galaxy, but I really don’t think that will have much of an effect… Football is not in Americans’ DNA. It’s no good for TV. I don’t think the thing will ever get made, I really can’t see it” says Apted.

Meanwhile “Trainspotting” director Danny Boyle, whose sci-fi drama “Sunshine” has buzz worthy trailers and solid reviews, but a calamitous early screening in Australia last week, confirms that this film has made it certain for him that he will “never do another” space movie.

“I’ll never go back into space – it kills you. The standards set by the classics – 2001, Aliens, Solaris – are so high you have to at least match them and it’s bloody hard work” says Boyle.

He even revealed a little more about one aborted subplot for “Sunshine” in the interview – “There are things that just don’t work in space, like romance. We tried it for Sunshine and it just didn’t work. If you don’t get everything absolutely right it just punctures the film.”