April Fool: The Future of 3D Is…3D?

Move over 3D, your technology has been beaten by…3D. Chinese manufacturer Zazhong Electronics demonstrated a concept theatrical exhibition method in Hong Kong yesterday that allows for 3D presentation of shows and feature films without the need for special glasses reports AN Wire

Dubbed ‘Tru-2-Life’, the technology requires the installation of a special display screen in theaters which essentially carries out the 3D effect without the need for polarized glasses and without the flickering and refresh rate problems that cause headaches, eye strain and nausea with current 3D technology.

Unlike 3D-TV technology currently being worked on by Sharp and Philips, the process also allows for ‘full-angle viewing’ which means a viewer gets slightly different views corresponding to the different angles wherever they’re sitting.

The company is working on a home cinema version, a screen that fits over the top of your current digital TV and will have the same effect. Expect the theatrical version to start rolling out next year.