April Fool: Miller, Pacino Join “Bioshock”

“Prison Break” star Wentworth Miller and Oscar-winner Al Pacino have joined the cast of Gore Verbinski’s “Bioshock” for Universal Pictures reports The Chicago News Dispatcher.

Based on the best-selling 2007 video game, the story is set in the 1960’s when a plane crashes in the middle of the Atlantic. Jack (Miller), the sole survivor, discovers a lighthouse which leads down to Rapture, an underwater city built in the 1940’s by a business magnate who wanted to create a scientific utopia where people could work without governmental or religious oversight.

Unfortunately the city has fallen into decay and madness, insane genetically mutated beings called ‘Splicers’ roam the halls. Only an energy that lies within various young girls can save the city, these girls however are protected by gigantic bodyguards called Big Daddies.

Pacino is in negotiations to play the magnate Andrew Ryan, while Verbinski is apparently pursuing one of his old “Pirates of the Caribbean” co-stars for a cameo as the bunny mask-wearing nutter Sander Cohen in a sequence midway through the film.

Unlike the game which is kept purely indoors, one big sequence will apparently involve a several-minute long scene underwater. The production will move into Leavesden Studios once filming on the final “Harry Potter” is complete, with the water tank built for ‘Goblet of Fire’ to be utilized for that underwater scene. Location filming will also take place in Malta.

Verbinski is producing from a script by John Logan.