April Fool: Benning, Smith For Stone’s W

With the four Bushes cast, Oliver Stone is now lining up some big names for the supporting roles in his upcoming biopic about current reigning President George W. Bush.

On Friday it was reported that both Toby Jones and Paul Giamatti are up for Karl Rove whilst Tommy Lee Jones is being sought for Donald Rumsfeld.

Today comes word via the AP that Annette Benning is all set to play Hilary Clinton, Will Smith is being heavily courted to play Barack Obama, and no-one has been set for John McCain yet (Editor’s Note: William Shatner would be perfect). All three roles are “little more than cameos” however according to the director.

Three alternate endings are being shot with the outcome of the upcoming election determining which one will be used. It would mean the film looks set for a December release to prime it for Oscar consideration.