Apple’s SVOD Service To Be Free?

One of the biggest questions in the ever growing streaming market is Apple’s involvement. The tech giant has been assembling a major array of talent for a streaming TV service of its own, set to invest over $1 billion in original content in the next calendar year.

However aside from all the deals being done for the roughly two dozen or so shows in development for the service, there’s been no further details about it including a name, launch date, price point and how it would be incorporated into Apple’s existing media infrastructure like iTunes and Apple Music.

Today CNBC reports that the service is set to launch in the first part of 2019 and, surprisingly, the series are going to be largely free and easily accessible for existing customers via use of the company’s pre-loaded TV app on their various devices. Said app will also include subscription ‘channels’ from legacy media companies (eg. HBO, Starz).

Apple drew criticism the other week for apparently censoring or adjusting projects to be super family friendly and inoffensive, but that’s now partly explained by this news. Apple’s TV app is most likely stay in their own app ecosystem, meaning the shows won’t be available on Android devices but rather restricted to the Apple TV, iPhones, iPads, etc.