Apple TV & iTunes Get 4K Upgrades

As part of Apple’s presentation this morning, the new Apple TV 4K was announced with a few key announcements.

The company confirmed that iTunes will include 4K HDR (HDR10 & Dolby Vision standards) movies to both purchase and rent for the exact same price as HD films.

On top of that, if you have previously purchased HD movies – they will be upgraded to 4K for free. Logos from all the major studios, with the notable exception of Disney, were displayed during the announcement.

Apple has been behind the curve on rivals Roku, Google ChromeCast and Amazon Fire who have offered 4K HDR since late last year on boxes that are half the price, but services like Vudu have charged a higher premium for 4K films.

In terms of U.S. market share, Apple TV is easily behind its main rivals. International figures are unknown though, which is key as Apple holds more dominance in many global markets where the likes of Roku have little to no presence and others, like Fire, have not taken off sales wise.

Live Sports and Live News will also be coming to the box which hits stores on September 22nd.