Apple TV Gets Picture-in-Picture Capability

Apple Tv Getting Picture In Picture Capability

Media streaming boxes are getting more like cable boxes it seems as the Apple TV is set to get a Picture-in-Picture mode that will allow users to stream two shows at the same time reports TechCrunch.

New beta software for the device’s operating system tvOS has been revealed to include the new option – playing content in a smaller window in the bottom-right of the screen, overlaid on top of the main Apple TV interface.

The tweeted photo and video, showed a static background on the main screen – not two programs playing simultaneously, but the outlet adds that the most recent two generation models – Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD – will support the ability to stream two shows at once.

Picture-in-Picture support will only be available for content provided by Apple in the Apple TV app however – meaning content purchased through iTunes, the Apple TV+ subscription service, and videos streamed through Apple TV Channels which includes subscriptions to the likes of HBO, Starz, Showtime and more.

Support for Picture-in-Picture mode wasn’t announced earlier this month at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference where the company previews its upcoming software releases. The software update is expected to go online this Fall.

The news comes as Netflix is testing a picture-in-picture feature that customers can use on the desktop version of Netflix.